Monday, June 09, 2003

Quite an interesting weekend. Nathan started swimming without his water wings (!) He's not so afraid of going underwater anymore. That's pretty cool. Friday night, as we were swimming at the lodge it started hailing, while the sun was shining. Kinda wierd.
The wedding Saturday was very nice. Nice to see old co-workers, like Dave Jemmott and Fernando Chilvarguer. Nathan was bored as hell of course.
Now Sunday... wow...
Driving down the hill, somewhere after Truckee, the car swerved a bit, like a gust of wind had hit. WTF?!? Then the left-rear tire starts to thump, creating a strong vibration that rattles the car. I thought it was a flat. So I pull up to a gas station in Colfax and..
The mag wheel cap was blown off, 3 of 5 lug nuts were GONE, and 2 of the lugs had snapped off... 2 more lug nuts and I would've lost the tire while driving down I-80 at 70mph. So Nathan and I hung out in a strip mall parking lot in Colfax for 3 hours. Waiting for tow truck, waiting while the tow truck driver tried to fix the wheel so he wouldn't have to tow us 40 miles. God bless Jed the tow truck driver, working hard on that tire so I wouldn't have to pay him a commission! He get's 30% of the mileage. But after workin on the tire for an hour, he had to give up, it was too far gone, so I had him tow us down the hill to Suburban Ford at Madison and I-80.
So the car is at the dealership. The service guy called and said they'll have to wait a week for a new rim, supposedly they're really rare. woohoo.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. It's also the first day of my web log. I'm not sure what I'm going to put here yet, or how often I'll update. I'm looking forward to going to Tahoe tomorrow with my son, Nathan, for the weekend. We'll be staying at a timeshare in King's Beach (north shore).