Saturday, May 21, 2005

Some scripts for WoW macros

// Using Actionbar for bandages
x = The "actionbar" that my bandages are on and
y = The "actionbar button" that my bandages are on.

What this enables you to do is keep your bandages in an arbitrary inventory slot. Plus if you have several stacks of bandages, you can use all of them without having to make multiple macros for multiple inventory slots as in the /UsecontainerItem(x,y) solution.

/target Axxessdenied
/script ChangeActionBarPage();
/script ActionButtonDown(y);
/script ActionButtonUp(y);
/script ChangeActionBarPage();
/script TargetLastEnemy();

//using different heal based on your current health
/script local ow = 1; if ((UnitHealthMax("player")/3) > UnitHealth("player")) then ow = ow + 1; end if (UnitCanCooperate("player","target")) then TargetUnit("player"); end UseContainerItem(2, ow); if( SpellIsTargeting()) then TargetUnit("player"); end